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Citing sources according to APA guidelines

APA Style @ TiU

1.3 Works with an organization as the author

Sometimes the author of a work is not an individual, but a group or organization. In such cases, the APA uses the term group author. In this manual, we use "organizational author." 

First citation

The name of an organization may be abbreviated in the text if the abbreviation (1) is well established and (2) appears at least three times in the text. When using an abbreviation, spell out the full name of the organization the first time the organization is mentioned, followed by the abbreviation. 

  • Parenthetical citation
    If the name of the organization first appears in a parenthetical citation, enclose the abbreviation in square brackets. 
    Internet access is considered a basic human right (United Nations [UN], 2011).
  • Narrative citation
    If the name of the organization first appears in a narrative citation, include the abbreviation before the year in parentheses. 
    The United Nations (UN, 2011) consider internet access a basic human right.

Second and subsequent citations

In subsequent references, you can suffice with the abbreviation.

Ten years after that, the UN (2021) adopts a resolution on human rights on the internet.