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2. Web of Science

A key database

The database Web of Science is an important database for the sciences, social sciences, economics, and the arts and humanities. Web of Science contains only scholarly materials, including a huge amount of journal articles. 

Why use Web of Science? WoS has an independent and thorough editorial process which ensures journal quality. In Web of Science, you'll find articles from the world's leading scholarly journals.

Citation searching in Web of Science

Web of Science allows you to identify publications that have cited an article of interest. (More on citation searching.)

There are two ways to find citing publications in Web of Science.

  1.  All records in Web of Science contain a link to citing publications, so no matter what kind of search you do in the database, you'll be able to connect to citing publications.
  2. Web of Science also offers a unique Cited Reference Searching tool that helps you find citing publications even when the article was cited in different ways. This can be a more thorough search for cited references.

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