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InfoSkills for Humanities and Digital Sciences

InfoSkills @ TiU

When & where can I take the test?

Any time that is convenient for you, and anywhere you want! 

Just make sure that:

  • you are officially enrolled at Tilburg University; 
  • you meet the deadline for your test (see below).
Course Test availability
800899-B-6 Philosophical Skills for PM (Spring) febr 19 - mar 24 
800173-B-6 Research Seminar for Premasters DSS febr 5 - may 26 
800956-B-6 Research Seminar for Premasters (Spring) febr 5 - mar 18


Take the test

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Most frequently asked questions

  1. Why is there no test available for me?
    Probably your enrollment as a student was not complete until later in February. We can add you to the test manually (before the deadline).
  2. I already passed the InfoSkills test. Can I get an exemption? 
    The InfoSkills team can't decide that. However, we can send you proof of passing. Send it to your lecturer and ask for an exemption.

If you have any of these or other questions, please contact us:
@Dutch students: you can write your email in Dutch!

Support available during office hours

Please keep in mind that support is only available during office hours, which are 9.00 a.m. to 17.00 p.m. on business days.

Hundreds of students will complete the InfoSkills tutorial in the spring semester. You'll make it easier for us, and be helped faster, if you provide in your email: 

  • your full name and TiU username (e.g. u123456);
  • the name of your School (TSHD) and the course with an InfoSkills component you're taking;
  • a clear explanation of your problem.

Please note
Library staff at the service desk can't answer questions about InfoSkills.

About the test

  • Multiple question formats.
  • Number of questions: 25.
  • Maximum score: 64 points.
  • Passing score: 48 points.
  • You have 3 attempts to pass the test (before the deadline).
  • You can pause your test at any time and log back in later if necessary. See the TestVision manual below for detailed instructions.

TestVision manual & Sample test

View sample test

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