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A guide to using EndNote X9

Output styles

Output styles

An output style is a piece of EndNote software by which references in texts are managed. Some hundreds of output styles are included in the EndNote program. Including well known styles such as APA, MLA, Vancouver, Chicago but also output styles which are specific for one journal. For instance: When referring according to the norms of the APA, the Author/Date method in the text is used, e.g. “… (Zhao, 2002)”, and a complete listing of sources in a reference list at the end of a text. The EndNote output style APA 6th manages both features.

The influence of the output style. You can select your output style after inserting your references, or during the process.

Change your Style in Word in the top bar under the EndNote tab:


If you choose the output style 'APA 6th', this is what it will look like in your Word document:

By using EndNote you can easily switch from one bibliographical style (output styles) to another (for instance from APA to MLA or Vancouver). Bibliographical styles determine how references are presented in an article.

Different scientific disciplines and publishers often demand specific output styles. Many styles are integrated with the installation of EndNote.

If that is not the case, you can import them from > downloads > output styles. Save them with a right click and preferably in your EndNote directory. If you cannot access your EndNote directory or if you are unsure where the EndNote Styles folder is located on your computer, follow these steps:

  • Open EndNote and select Edit from the top toolbar.
  • Click on Preferences > Folder Locations
  • The Styles folder preferences will display the path to where the folder is located on your computer. You can change this location by browsing to the desired folder.

You can also add output styles from within your EndNote library:

  • Go to Edit > Output styles > Open Style Manager

  • Go to 'Get more on the web'

  • Search and download your style
  • Click on Save as
  • Right click on the style and choose 'Open with EndNote' 
  • If you can't see the new style, look at your folder preferences [edit > preferences > folder locations]


If you are unable to find the style in the EndNote Output Styles Database, try searching your journals website under Author Guidelines. Sometimes they will include a style that you can download. If not, you may need to modify an existing style. 

You can change Output Styles in EndNote in the Output Style Manager. In EndNote, go to Edit > Output styles, Edit "JAMA"