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A guide to using EndNote X9

FAQs about Endnote and Word

Cite While You Write or CWYW is a plug-in, which is automatically installed when you install EndNote on your computer. It enables EndNote and Word to work together to produce in-text citations and bibliography. If it is properly installed, you will see an EndNote tab (Windows) or toolbar (Mac) in your Word Program.

If you opened Word (EndNote) and can not see the EndNote tab, follow the next steps to re-install the plugin:

Restore the EndNote toolbar in Windows

  1. Open Word
  2. Click on the File tab in the left-hand corner
  3. Click Options in the menu
  4. In the Word options window, click on Add-Ins in the left-hand column
  5. In the Manage drop-down menu (bottom of main panel), select Disabled Items and click on the Go button

  1. The EndNote add-in will show up as Add in:EndNote Cite While You Write (EndNote cwyw.dll)
  2. Highlight the EndNote add-in and select Enable
  3. Close the Disabled Items window
  4. At the top of the Word Options window, click OK
  5. Close and re-open Word, the EndNote tab should now appear

Go to the reference in your EndNote Library. In your EndNote record, add a comma at the end of the corporate author:

World Health Organization,

When the corporate author name contains one or more internal commas, replace the first of those commas with two commas, and omit the comma at the end:

School of Communication Studies,, AUT University

When I insert a citation into my Word document, the in-text citation has a number and there is no bibliography created. This citation looks like this:

{Wyatt, 1978 #3}

To fix this:

  1. In Word 2010, Go to EndNote Tab > Bibliography > Instant Formatting
  2. Turn on Instant Formatting
  3. It should now be displayed in the correct format

Click here for an example.