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A guide to using EndNote X9

FAQs Exporting references

Download the Output style from the Endnote Download page.
  1. Go to EndNote Downloads and search for Excel. Download the Output style 'export to Excel (Sample style showing basic format)'
  2. Double-click on the output style to add it to EndNote
  3. Close and re-open EndNote
  4. The output style is called BasicExporttoExcel
  5. Highlight the references you wish to export
  6. Select this style from the drop down box
  7. Select 'Copy Formatted' (CRTL+K) from the 'Edit' menu
  8. Open Excel and place the cursor in cell A2
  9. Paste (CTRL+V, or click the ribbon)
  1. Highlight all the references you wish to export
  2. Go to File > Export
  3. Choose output style Refman (RIS) Export
  4. Save the file as an XML file

         If you wish to export your entire library then simply uncheck the box for 'export selected references'

  1. In the Mendeley menu, select File > Add Files and choose the XML file you have exported from Endnote
  2. Click on Open, your imported EndNote collection will now appear in your Mendeley library
  1. Select your desired output style in the EndNote library
  2. Select the desired reference(s). Hold down the control key to select multiple references
  3. From the 'Edit' menu, select Copy formatted
  4. Open the desired Word document and paste the formatted references using CTRL+V or by selecting paste from the edit menu.