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A guide to using EndNote X9

Managing citations in Word

You can insert citations in Word, but also from your EndNote Library. In either case: Open your Word document and Open your EndNote Library.

1. Insert citations in Word

  • Place your cursor in the Word document, wherever you are prepared to cite
  • Select the tab 'EndNote'
  • Go to the left of the menu and select option Insert Citation. In this submenu there are several insert options.


  • Insert Citation-option: opens a menu that enables you to search for citations in your library.
  • Search for a reference, or enter the letter “a” into the search box and hit the Enter key on your keyboard. You will then see a list of citations from your open EndNote library.
  • Select one or more citations (use Ctrl-click for more citations) and select Insert. The citation will insert in the text and in the bibliography at te same time.


2. Insert citations from your EndNote Library

In your EndNote Library: Select one or more citations. Use [Ctrl+click] to select more citations from the library, or [Shift+click] for a consecutive group. EndNote gives two options:

 The button 'Go to Word processor': will bring you back to Word. Go to the Insert Citation option in Word and choose Insert   Selected Citation(s)


 The button 'Insert Citation': will export your citations directly into Word. Make sure you have marked the references you want   to insert.


If you want to delete an EndNote reference from Word, do NOT use the backspace, but follow these steps:

  1. Highlight the citation in your Word document that you would like to delete
  2. Go to the EndNote tab and select Edit & Manage Citation(s)

  • A window will pop-up with a listing of the citations you have entered into your manuscript so far. The citation you highlighted will be highlighted blue.
  • Select the Edit Reference tab next to your citation and choose Remove Citation

Each output style offers certain aspects of a reference, or limits itself to some. Still, if you want to change the information but you are bound to a specific output style, you might want to edit the information and keep the style. Publishers often demand particular output styles. 

There are special features for adding text to references in the text. These go only for Author/Date styles like APA 6th.
It concerns matters such as adding a text like “also see”, but also for adding page numbers.

Important note: don't make these changes directly in Word. They will disappear when you close the document and open it again.

Use the menu instead and make your changes in the EndNote Library. Go to the option: 'Edit and Manage Citation(s)':

Prefix: what is placed in front of the citation.
Suffix: is what is placed after the citation.
Pages: are specifically named pages in the citation.


The changes above result in: 

text in article {See also Zorina, 2005, pp. 1230-1234 et al.} .... continuing text....

Note: Don't forget to put in space after prefix, before suffix.

Adding page numbers does not work for all styles.If it does not work this way use Suffix to add page numbers.
That way you have to type exactly what you want, for instance “[comma][space]p. 136"


Texts read more smoothly when authors are named as a part of the text instead being put between brackets.
Click in the menu on  'Edit & Manage Citation(s)'


For example we use this text: 

Two groups were evaluated for radiographic evidence of SSCD and the relationship between the dehiscence and superior petrosal sinus(see also Kung, Jones, & Lai, 1990, pp. 1230-1234 et al.) 

What we want is:  Kung and Jones (see also Kung, Jones, & Lai, 1990, pp. 1230-1234 et al.) evaluated two groups . . .


From this citation between brackets we omit the names of authors via the menu 'Edit & manage citation(s)'

Next click Default, and select exclude author. The result will be like:

Kung and Jones(1990) evaluated two groups  . . .

When you add citations and references to your paper, the notes end at the end of your document, creating the list of used references. This is your reference list, but at this stage the list is still connected to your EndNote library. 

Just click on the list and the entire list becomes grey.

That is OK as long as you are working on your paper, but if you send it to your teacher or publisher, it is recommended to remove the field codes from the Word document. 

  • First make a copy of your paper before you do anything
  • Click on the list. The reference list still lights up
  • Select the EndNote tab 
  • Press option 'Convert Citations & Bibliography
  • Choose 'Convert to Plain Text