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EndNote: Backup and share your library

A guide to using EndNote X9

Backup and share your library

It is a good practice to back up your EndNote library regularly by making a compressed file.

A compressed EndNote library incorporates both your regular EndNote file (.enl) and its associated Data folder (.data) into a single file. The compressed library has an (.enlx) extension. The compressed EndNote library is smaller than the regular EndNote file and its associated Data folder.

You can save your whole library, or part of it, as a compressed file so that you can:

  • make a back-up copy
  • email to a colleague
  • work between different computers

To save a compressed library file:

  • Go to File menu and select Compressed Library (.enlx).

  • In the dialog box that appears, you can choose to either Create the compressed library or Create & Email it.
  • Choose other options as required.
  • Choose to click on All references in Group/Group set: to be sure all groups will be saved.
  • Click Next and save it at your desired location.
  • If you selected the Create & Email option, your default email system will be launched with the compressed library file attached to it.

To restore your compressed library file:

  • Find the saved library. Notice the library has an .enlx file extension indicating that it is a compressed library.
  • Open your library. Notice the library now has an .enl file extension indicating that it has been uncompressed. You can also find the .data file in the same folder where your library is stored.
  • You can now continue to add references whether you are on the same computer or working on a computer in a different location.