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EndNote: Sync and share your references

A guide to using EndNote X9

Sync and share your references

The Sync-option in EndNote is very useful: it provides a method so you can work on multiple computers and your tablet. Also you can share your library with others. First you will need to have an EndNote Online account.

Make an account:

  • Go to the Top Bar > Edit > Preferences > Sync 
  • Sign up your account 
  • Submit; the next screen asks for personal data (for sharing purposes) and a license agreement.
  • Fill in the fields and click I Agree.
  • Choose the library you wish to share. Important: you can only sync and share one library and it's difficult to change this library, so choose wisely. Choosing to sync or share a library that is different than the last library you synced will merge them together. 
  • Please note: you are syncing a library. This means that any changes you make will affect all instances of this library. If you accidentally delete an item, it will be deleted from the other instances upon syncing.


  Now you can sync your library with another computer or tablet or share your library with others. You can also access your EndNote library      online. 


  Invite others to your library with the 'Invite others'-button in the toolbar. In the next window you can add the email addresses.


How to join a library someone has shared with you

1. Create an EndNote account and connect it to your desktop version of EndNote

2. In the Preferences menu, select Sync. Follow the instructions to log in or set up a new account

3. Once connected, select File > Open Shared Library