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A guide to using EndNote X9

How to use import filters

An import filter is a piece of software that translates references, downloaded from a bibliographic database into a format that EndNote can understand. The filter tells EndNote where information must be placed: authors in author field, title in title field, etc. With import filters EndNote can place references uniformly.

Steps for importing text files (RIS or other output formats) in EndNote:

  • Go to top bar > File > Import File
  • Look for the downloaded file with Choose
  • Select the Import option 
  • If you can't see it directly: Choose other filters... 
  • If the filter is not in the list. You will have to download an additional

See information about importing files from PubMed, Web of Science, EBSCO databases and ProQuest.

EndNote comes preloaded with many filters. If the import filter is not in the manager list, you can download it from the EndNote Website.

Steps for Adding Import Filters to EndNote

  • Go to the Top Bar in EndNote and Choose: Edit > Import Filters > Filter manager
  • Click on Get more on the Web
  • Go to: > Downloads > import filters > look up the filter and download with right mouse click
  • Save the filter (preferably in same folder as the other filters)
  • Click on Open and close the window to save the Filter