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InfoSkills for Social and Behavioral Sciences

InfoSkills @ TiU

2. Web of Science

A key database

The database Web of Science is an important database for the sciences, social sciences, economics, and the arts and humanities. Web of Science contains records of high-quality scholarly journal articles. In addition to searching by topic, it's also possible to carry out a citation search in Web of Science, i.e., to find to what degree a particular author or work has been cited.

Finding full text 

Web of Science provides multiple options for getting to the full text of articles:

  • 'Free Full Text from Publisher' means that the article is open access;
  • 'Free Published or Accepted Article from Repository' means that the article has been deposited in a repository. An accepted article is a pre-print version of the article (not in its final published form yet); 
  • 'Full text from Publisher' which will bring you to the publisher's website. This button may lead you to the full text for free, but some publishers charge you for access to full text. Don't ever pay for an article. If it turns out that the TiU library doesn't have access to the article, you can still get it from the Interlibrary Loan system.
  • The 'TiUfinder' which will often -- but not always -- lead you to the full text.