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Google Scholar vs. library databases

Google Scholar Library databases
+ Easy to use. Less easy to use. It takes some time to find out how a database works.
–   Limited search functionality. Enormous number of results and unsatisfactory options to filter results. Hence not much control over your search.  + Extensive search functionality. Compared to Google Scholar: a manageable number of results for a similar search. Many advanced filter options. Hence greater control over your search.
Compiled by a web crawler that searches only the Surface Web. + Compiled by humans; materials come from  the Surface Web and the Deep Web
No helpful extra information (e.g., topical terms such as subjects/descriptors/keywords) is assigned to materials.  + Extra information is assigned to materials (e.g., subjects/descriptors/keywords) by subject specialists. 
Google Scholar's crawlers can be fooled, resulting in unreliable information being indexed (e.g., articles from predatory journals). + Only credible information is included. People (subject specialists) can't be fooled so easily.