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Advanced Search page

Searching WorldCat Discovery

  • Enter search terms in the Search Term box .
    • The default is to search for ALL terms entered -- which is a Boolean AND search. For example, a search on youth violence is the same as youth AND violence.
  • For more controlled searching, use parentheses to override WCD's default operator precedence (which is AND, then OR, and then NOT).
  • To search for an exact phrase, put quotation marks around your search terms: "youth violence".
  • Choose the field(s) you want to search in the Search Index box . When conducting a general search, the keyword field is normally the best one to use. Other fields available from the pull-down menu: Title, Author, Abstract, Subject, and Source Title (=in many cases: journal title).
  • Use the following database-specific truncation and wildcard symbols to make your search more efficient:
    Symbols Usage Examples



    • Add to the end of a word to retrieve variant endings.
    • A search returns words with 0 or more characters in place of the truncation symbol.
    connect* retrieves connect, connection, connectivity, etc.
    individual* retrieves individual, individuals, individualism, individuality


    #  and  ?

    • Replace one character in or at the end of a word.
    photograph# retrieves photograph, photographs (but not photographer)
    wom#n retrieves woman, women
    • Replace 0 to 9 unknown characters in a word.
    lab?r retrieves labor, labour
    encyclop?dia retrieves encyclopedia, encyclopaedia
  • Choose a Boolean operator from the operator box if you need more search boxes for your search. 

Search tools 

Within Advanced Search, options to limit your search are available at the bottom of the screen

Limiters appear in the following order:

  • Only return peer-reviewed articles;
  • Open Access;
  • Group related editions (maintain this checkmark);
  • Expand search with related terms;
  • Format (e.g., book, e-book, article, etc.);
  • Publication year;
  • Library holdings: Libraries Worldwide, Libraries in the Netherlands, Tilburg University library.