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InfoSkills for Social and Behavioral Sciences

InfoSkills @ TiU

When & where can I take the test?

Any time that is convenient for you, and anywhere you want! 

Just make sure that:

  • you are officially enrolled at Tilburg University; 
  • you meet the deadline for your test (see below).
Course Test availability
410908-B-7 Research Project premaster Sociology SPRING 1-2 up to and incl. 27-3 (23.55)

Take the test

Go to TestVision


Email us at
@Dutch students: you can write your email in Dutch!

Bear in mind that hundreds of students will complete the InfoSkills tutorial in the spring. So if you contact us, please:

  • provide your full name and TiU username (e.g. u123456);
  • state your school and program;
  • explain clearly what your problem is.

Library staff at the service desk can't answer questions about InfoSkills.

About the test

  • Multiple question formats.
  • Number of questions: 25.
  • Maximum score: 64 points.
  • Passing score: 48 points.
  • You have 3 attempts to pass the test (before the due date).
  • You can stop your test any time you want and log in again later (see the TestVision manual below for detailed instructions).

TestVision manual & sample test

We strongly advise you to read the TestVision manual and go through the sample test before taking the actual test.

View sample test