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InfoSkills for Social and Behavioral Sciences

InfoSkills @ TiU

Locating a book in the library

Call numbers

All books in the library are assigned a call number [NL: vindplaats], which can be found on the book spine. The call number is basically the book's 'address' on the library's shelves. Our call numbers are made up of letters and numbers and look something like this: SOC B80 49849

What do the different parts of a call number mean? 

  • a 3-letter collection code indicating to which collection the book belongs:
    • SOC = Social Sciences
    • ECO = Economics
    • CIF = Philosophy
    • LET = Language & Literature
    • JUR = Law
    • TFL = Theology & Religious Studies
  • a subject code indicating to which subject category the book belongs: 
    • B80 = Economic psychology
    • R82 = Criminal law 
    • I18 = Political economy 
    • etc.
  • a book number which identifies a specific title within the range of books on that subject:
    • 49849 
    • etc.

Student library (NL: studentenboekerij)

The TiU library holds a separate collection of compulsory literature (books required for TiU courses) called the Student Library [Studentenboekerij=SB]. Call numbers for compulsory books begin with the collection code, followed by SB and the first four letters of the author's last name. Ex.: ECO SB HARR. (Note that some SB books are only available online.) 

Student library books (SB books) may be consulted only in the library building. They are not for loan. For most of the SB books there's a duplicate copy that can be checked out.

Location of books

Books are located on level 1 and 0 of the library.

  • Level 1
    • Reference works (dictionaries and encyclopedias)
    • The Student Library [studentenboekerij], to be found in the low grey book shelves past the stairs.
  • Level 0
    • Books on Economics (ECO), Philosophy, Language & Literature (LET), Law (JUR), Social Sciences (SOC), and Theology & Religious Studies (TFL).

How to find a book on the shelf

To find a lendable book that is marked as available in WorldCat Discovery , like the above example with call number SOC D45 50795 , go to Level 0 of the library. Once you're there,

  • go to the shelves labeled SOC;
  • find section D45;
  • find the correct book number (50795) on the book spine label. Books are shelved in numerical order.

For SB books, go to Level 1 and proceed in the same way.

Practical info

How do I...

  • borrow a book?
  • extend a book?
  • make a reservation for a study place?
  • pay for coffee from the vending machines in the library's Study Café?
  • print, scan and copy in the library?

The answers to these questions can be found on the library's website.