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InfoSkills voor Rechtswetenschappen

InfoSkills @ TiU

When & where can I take the test?

Any time that is convenient for you, and anywhere you want! 

Just make sure that:

  • you are officially enrolled at Tilburg University; 
  • you meet the deadline for your test (see below).
Course The test is open from:
660453-B-6 Inleiding Rechtswetenschap 14-9 up to and incl. 30-11

About the test

  • The test consists of 25 questions.
  • Total points to be earned: 64.
  • Passing score: 48 points.
  • You have three attempts to pass the test.
  • You can stop your test any time you want and log in again at a later time. How to do this is explained in the TestVision manual.


Email us at 
@Dutch students: you can write your email in Dutch!

Bear in mind that thousands of students will complete the InfoSkills tutorial in the fall. So if you contact us, please:

  • provide your full name and TiU username (e.g. u123456);
  • state your school and program;
  • clearly explain what your problem is.

Library staff at the service desk can't answer questions about the InfoSkills tutorial and test.

TestVision manual

We strongly advise you to read the TestVision manual before starting the test.

The manual contains helpful information, including a link to an example test.

Take the test

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