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InfoSkills for Economics and Management

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1.1. EconLit: Advanced Search page

The EconLit front page is the Advanced Search.

Search rules

  • Boolean operators
    • Use the Boolean operator AND combine search terms so that each search result contains all of the terms. 
    • Use OR to find any of the terms. 
    • Use NOT to exclude terms so that each search result does not contain any of the terms that follow it.
  • Nesting
    For more controlled searching, use parentheses to override the default operator precedence (AND, OR, NOT).
  • Phrase searching
    To search for an exact phrase, use quotation marks around your search term: "firm performance".
  • Truncation & wildcard symbols
    • The truncation character is the asterisk (*), used to replace one or more characters. The truncation character can be used at the end, or in the middle of a word.
      For example, searching for econom* will find economy, economics, economical, etc..
    • The wildcard is represented by a ? or a pound sign #.
      • To use the ? wildcard, enter your search terms and replace each unknown character with a ? EconLit finds all citations of that word with the ? replaced by a letter. For example, type ne?t to find all documents containing neat, nest or next. Note that EconLit does not find net because the wildcard replaces a single character.
      • To use the # wildcard, enter your search terms, adding the # in places where an alternate spelling may contain an extra character. EconLit finds all documents in which the word appears with or without the extra character. For example, type colo#r to find all citations containing color or colour.
  • Field searching
    When running a search, the search default is set to 'Select a Field (optional)' which searches the full record (all indexed fields) including the full text. Other search fields can chosen from the pull-down menu such as AU - Author, AB - Abstract, SU - Subject, and SO - Source (journal title).

Published Date 

The Published Date limit defaults to search all dates. 

❸ Other limits: Publication Type, Geographic Region

Limiting your search by marking any of the limits will only run your search to include those limits you selected.

  • The Publication Type limit includes Book, Book Review, Collective Volume Article (e.g. book chapter), Dissertation, Journal Article, and Working Paper. 
  • The Geographic Region limit is used to restrict your search to documents that discuss specific regions such as Asia, Northern America, and Europe. 
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