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InfoSkills for Economics and Management

InfoSkills @ TiU

Choosing the right database

How to find the best databases for your topic 

Step 1

Start from the homepage of the University library.

Here you'll find links to: 

An alphabetical listing of all databases; 
➋  An option to view a list of databases relevant to your field of study.

Step 2

Click on 'Databases by subject'. This will bring you to: 

Step 3

Click on the subject of your choice, for example: Social Sciences. The database overview page Libsearch will appear.

Filter the list alphabetically by first letter of the title. 
➋  Filter the list by entering a term. This will then show those databases that contain this word in the database title, description, or keywords (it does NOT search inside the database itself). If you enter multiple terms, the result will be databases that match all terms. 
➌  Click a keyword to see all databases associated with that keyword. Note that two different types of keywords are assigned to each database, relating to:
  • form (i.e. the type of publication, e.g., journals or newspapers), and
  • contents (i.e. the subjects covered by the databases). 
➍  Click the More... link in the description field to find even more descriptive information about the database.
Click the database's title to access and search the contents of the database.