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InfoSkills for Global Law

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❶ Enter keywords

Enter your keywords in the search box and click on the magnifying glass behind it to conduct the search.

❷ Refine Results

The result is more than 20.000 publications. We will focus on international journals.

Search within results

We will now refine the results to publications about dismissal and labour law. Fill in the term "labour law" (using quotation marks) in the search box 'Search within results'. 

 Apply filter

After that click on the button 'Continue' and then on the button 'Apply filters'.


 Filter by journal

The amount of publications shown is now limited to 598. Limit this result by articles published in the journal 'Employment and industrial relations law', selecting this journal title from the pop-up list by clicking on 'Select a publication name' . 

 Apply filter

Click on 'Apply Filters' to conduct the search. The final result is 16 publications, as can be seen in the image below.

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