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InfoSkills for Global Law

InfoSkills @ TiU

1.1. Westlaw Next: Advanced Search

For more fine-tuned searching, you can use the Advanced Search option.

❶ Choose 'World Journals'

Click on 'World Journals' on the right hand side of the screen. This will lead you to the search page of Westlaw Next.

❷ Go to Advanced search

We're going to look up the journal article 'The credit crunch and islamic finance'. Click on 'Advanced Search' on the right.

Fill in search terms

Go to the search box 'All of these terms' and fill in the article title, using quotation marks.

 Conduct search

Click on the magnifying glass to run the search.

 Choose the correct article

The result is the article we're looking for, published in Journal of International Banking Law and Regulation and authored by Reinout Wibier. Click on the title to see the full text.

Search rules

INOTEI that Westlaw Next uses Boolean operators a bit different than most other databases. The main difference is that the default used in Westlaw Next is to search for ANY terms entered -- which is a Boolean OR search.

For example, searching healthy eating returns the same results as a search for healthy OR eating.

If you want to find ALL terms, you can seperate those terms with the amperand '&' or 'AND': healthy & eating or healthy AND eating.

For more controlled searching in Westlaw Next, you can use parentheses to override its default operator precedence (AND, OR, NOT). To search for an exact phrase, use quotation marks around your search: "healthy eating".

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