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Research Integrity

Tilburg University is committed to protecting and guaranteeing scientific integrity.


In the Tilburg University Code of Conduct a framework is provided for reflection on the university’s principles and core values: integrity, respect, expertise and involvement. Research integrity is an essential and integral part of good research practices and is a key element in the education of future generations of researchers. Tilburg University endorses the Netherlands Code of Conduct for Research Integrity which also includes compliance with applicable regulations on for example data management and personal data (GDPR) and possible review of research by the School’s Ethics Review Board.

Completing the e-learning module is estimated to take at the most 90 minutes of your time, taken at your own pace. The program is completed by passing the test, which is a mandatory part of the Training and Supervision Plan for PhD researchers who started their program in 2020-2021 or thereafter, for others it is optional.

The dilemmas introduced throughout this training program are based on the dilemma game developed by Erasmus University Rotterdam and are used with permission.

After completing this e-learning module you will be:

  • familiar with the terminology;
  • aware of the concepts of responsible and questionable research practices and research misconduct;
  • knowledgeable about applicable regulations;
  • informed about Tilburg University policy and procedures;
  • familiar with resources for more information and
  • knowledgeable about when and who to turn to for support or advice or in case of suspected violation.