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InfoSkills for Theology

InfoSkills @ TiU



The university library welcomes you to InfoSkills, our Information Skills tutorial designed for first-year students of the Tilburg School of Catholic Theology (TST). 

So what are information skills?

In a nutshell, information skills are those abilities which enable a person to effectively search, evaluate, and use sources of information. 

As a university student you’ll be required to write research papers on a regular basis. For each paper you'll be expected to find appropriate sources on your own. 

Not all information is suitable for use in your assignments so you need to choose your sources carefully. You should only use reliable, authoritative information. But how to search for and identify such information? Most likely you don't have the answer to this question.

That's why InfoSkills is a required part of your program. This tutorial will help you master basic information skills, and will get you started with using the university library. 

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The university library

Tilburg University's library offers a variety of study places, a large collection of books & journals, and friendly staff to help you with your information needs and IT problems.

The library's opening hours are extensive, including evenings and weekends.

It's a great place to collaborate, study, and write your research papers!

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