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Establishing your researcher identity with ORCiD: Saves time


Saves time: An ORCiD synchronizes your profiles across the Web

You can easily connect your ORCiD to various online platforms (Web of Science, Scopus, PubMed, CrossRef, etc.), as well as to the Tilburg University Research Portal. ORCiD also integrates with most commonly used research information systems, allowing you to easily transfer your research profile to a new employer.

ORCiD thus acts as a hub or clearinghouse, so that you do not need to worry about keeping multiple profiles up-to-date:

Saves time: an ORCiD simplifies publishing and funding applications

An increasing number of major publishers and funders have incorporated the ORCiD in their workflows. They request - or may even require - you to provide an ORCiD during the submission process. Having an ORCID saves you time because your personal information and professional affiliations will be registered automatically. Moreover once your manuscript is published, it will then automatically be added to your ORCiD record and any databases you have linked it to.