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Establishing your researcher identity with ORCiD: FAQ


ORCID at Tilburg University

What is an ORCiD?

An ORCiD is a persistent, 16-digit designation that distinguishes you from other researchers and unambiguously connects you to your publications and professional affiliations. The ORCiD abbreviation stands for Open Researcher and Contributor Identifier.

Why register and why ORCID?

  1. Prevent name confusions, increase visibility
    ORCiD helps you permanently link your unique identity to your publications and research activities. An ORCID account prevents confusion about author names and ensures that you get the recognition for your own work. It increases your visibility and impact.
  2. ORCiD is an international standard
    Major journals and funders often require an ORCiD from those submitting a manuscript or research proposal.
  3. An ORCiD saves time
    With an ORCiD, you no longer need to enter your affiliation, employment history, or publication list over and over again when registering for conventions or submitting manuscripts.
  4. ORCiD is open and transparent
    ORCiD is an open, non-profit organization, driven by its own community.
  5. Your privacy is well protected with ORCiD
    Researchers own and control their own ORCiD record. As a researcher, you decide what to register, what to link to your ID and who to admit to your ID.
  6. ORCiD is not limited to one institution
    You use your ORCiD throughout your academic career, even if you change universities or research institutes.

Can I apply for an ORCiD through the Tilburg University Research Information System (Pure)?

Of course, you can. Log onto the Tilburg University Research Information System in the usual fashion, then click 'Edit Person Profile' for a pop-up screen with your profile information. The option ‘Connect or Create your ORCiD’ is right below your name.

I also have other IDs like ResearcherID, ScopusID. Why would I still want an ORCiD?

ORCiD is the international standard for an increasing number of global institutions. Publishers and funders use it and you can link your ORCiD account to your Research ID or Scopus ID to ensure that all systems are synchronized and up-to-date.

Why should I want to connect my PURE profile to ORCiD?

In PURE I get a profile page that I have to keep up-to-date. What's in it for me if I connect ORCiD with my PURE profile?
  1. Less administrative work and more time for your research. By linking your ORCiD with the PURE profile of the university, your research department automatically stays up-to-date with the latest information about your academic work. 
  2. If your ORCiD account has not yet been filled, you can easily export your PURE profile information about your academic work to your ORCiD, and from there to any other supported systems.

How do I get an ORCiD?

Follow the instructions to register for an ORCiD via the Tilburg University research information system.

What if I already have an ORCiD?

If you already have an ORCiD, congratulations! But please do make sure you have linked it to your PURE research profile. This ensures that ORCiD is regularly updated and passes the correct affiliations to the university rankings.

I’ve ended up with two ORCiDs – what should I do?

Please contact ORCiD is able to merge identifiers so you will have only one, but anyone using the other(s) will be redirected. We can arrange for this to happen, and if needed change the ORCiD registered with the University.

When will I use my ORCiD?

When applying for a grant or submitting an article for publication with a funder or publisher that has integrated with the ORCiD registry. You can also add it to your CV, business cards or personal website.

Who manages my ORCiD record?

You have sole control over your ORCiD account once you have claimed it. 

What if I move institutions?

One of the advantages of ORCiD is you can keep the same ID throughout your career, wherever you work. We recommend you update affiliation information as appropriate and link your ORCiD to the CRIS of your new employer to save yourself time and ensure all your information remains up-to-date.