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Establishing your researcher identity with ORCiD: What is an ORCiD?


What is an ORCID?

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ORCiD: Connecting Research and Researchers

ORCiD  stands for Open Researcher and Contributer iD: A persistent digital identifier for anyone working in academia.

ORCiD is a unique personal number that allows researchers to easily and automatically connect their research information across a wide range of online databases. You can think of ORCiD as the academic equivalent of your passport: It ensures that other research systems and services know who you are and what you have done. You might also think of it as an ISBN for people, instead of books.

ORCiD connects you to your research activities throughout your career. It is free, open, mobile, and community-driven. Signing up for an ORCiD takes just a few minutes and ensures that your professional profile and your research activities across multiple online repositories are unambiguous, persistent, portable, up-to-date, and discoverable.

As an increasing number of publishers and funders incorporate or even require an ORCiD in their submission process, having one will simplify your manuscript and grant submissions, while improving the visibility of your output and achievements.

ORCiD is not yet another research profile system or bibliographical database (such as Web of Science, Scopus, Google Scholar,, ResearchGate, etc.). Instead, having and using an ORCID allows you to automatically synchronize the research profiles that you already have, allowing you to spend your time doing research, instead of administrating it.

Get recognised, Get connected: Get started

Regardless of your discipline or career stage, it is critical for your reputation and career that fellow researchers, academic institutions, funders and publishers are able to quickly and unambiguously identify you and attribute all your work – and only your work - to you. ORCiD helps to easily and reliably identify your scholarly contributions, including  not just peer-reviewed articles and books, but also media appearances, datasets, samples, experiments, patents, and notebooks. You can easily connect these to our internal PURE database, ensuring that you are accurately represented in the TiU research portal and in major university rankings. For increased visibility, you can also connect your ORCiD to other databases, including Web of Science, PubMed, CrossRef. To get started, just follow these simple steps.

The broader context: The importance of ORCiD and other identifiers