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WorldCat Discovery manual

My items list (temporary)

Use temporary lists to save and export titles that you only need once, during your current browser session.

When you find a publication that looks interesting to you, you can click the Save option to add it to your 'Saved Items' list. Go to the bottom of the page and use the 'Save items on page' link to save all ten items in one go. Click the Saved Items link to see all items you saved and to Email, Cite, or Delete your list.

The Saved Items list is temporary and it is emptied when you end the browser session. To save items for later use, you need to transfer them to your personal lists (see below).


My personal lists (permanent)

Use personal lists to save items for future access.

When you are logged in, you can access your My Personal Lists section. There you can create new lists and manage existing lists. Lists can be Emailed, Cited, Deleted, or edited.

Use the Create List option to create a new list, and select whether to make the list private or shared. Only you have access to any Private lists. Shared lists can be accessed through a sharable link. Shared lists can be useful to create reading lists. To edit an existing list, click the list title and make your changes.

To move items from your temporary list to a permanent list, make sure you are logged in. Then click the Saved Items link. Next, select the items to keep and either create a new list or move items to an existing list, using the menu options. You can also move items between permanent lists in a similar way.