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WorldCat Discovery manual

The A-Z Journal list

Does Worldcat Discovery include all articles the library has access to?

No. Some of the articles available via the library may not be found directly in WCD.

A-Z Journal list

For example, you may have found an article citation from your textbook, your syllabus, or from the references in another article. Don't give up if you don't find the article in WCD. The article may not be included in WCD, but the journal in which the article was published may be available. Just look up the journal title (so, not the article title) in the A-Z Journal list. This resource lists all journals that the TiU library holds in print or has access to online.

Is the journal in question available through the TiU library? Then you'll need to check if the required volume/issue is covered.

Volumes & Issues

A periodical's volume [NL: jaargang] number refers to the number of years a periodical has been in publication. The volume year generally starts in January and ends in December.

The issue [NL: aflevering] number refers to the number of individual publications during the year. For daily newspapers, it's 300+ issues; for monthly magazines, 12 issues; for bimonthly jounals, 6 issues; for quarterly journals, 4 issues.


Most scholarly journals are published quarterly. They are usually continuously paginated -- page numbers don’t start over with each new issue of the journal published, but continue counting up throughout each volume. For example, when volume 20, issue 1 of a journal ends on page 151, volume 20, issue 2 begins on page 152. The page count is only reset with a new volume (e.g., when volume 20 finishes and volume 21 begins).

How to find a journal article using the A-Z Journal list

Suppose you want the following article: 

Author: Gerhart, P. F.
Article title: Employee privacy rights in the United States.
Journal title: Comparative Labor Law Journal 
Volume: 17 (1995-1996)
Issue: 1
Pages: 175-205

The screenshots below will walk you through the whole process. Start from the University library homepage.