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WorldCat Discovery manual

Search codes overview

You can use the Advanced Search option to perform a more advanced search using the form. However, it is also possible to perform advanced searches using the basic search box, using special syntax and so-called field codes. This page contains the most important ones.

Use To search for Example Note
ti: words in title

ti:tilburg university


ti:"tilburg university"

searches for titles containing these words anywhere in the title in any order


searches for titles containing these words anywhere in the title, in this exact order

ti= exact title

ti=tilburg university

searches for title that match this specific phrase (only these words and only in this exact order)




words in subject field



su:dutch literature

searches for subjects containing these words anywhere in one or more subjects


su= exact phrase in single subject field su=dutch literature search for subjects containing the words dutch + literature in this exact order, in a single subject field
au: author name au:jansen author names can be a challenge because of the many different ways they may exist in WorldCat (e.g. with or without first name, first initial only, all initials, first name - last name or last name - first name, etc.) For this reason it is best to start your search with just the last name and try to limit using the Author limit on the left or by trying different variations of the first name or initial(s).
yr: year



finds publications published in this particular year

finds publications published within a range of years, from first year listed up to and including the last year listed


bn: ISBN bn:9789079156016  
in: ISSN in:1573-6202  
x0: material type







nu: call number nu: ECO N68 42692  
b8: shelving location b8:eco (normal loan)  
pb: publisher pb:mit press finds publications from a specific publisher

Note the difference between using a colon and an equals sign.


All index searches can be combined. E.g.

ti:employment (au:holland OR au:vern) x0:Book yr:2006 NOT ti:theor*

finds a book with the word employment in the title, but without any words starting with theor in the title, by authors named holland or vern, published in the year 2006.