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Library Essentials Kit: Extras

Essential steps for efficient library searches


Action Explanation Time

Bookmark the page Searching for information 

This page contains links to resources for different kinds of information, both literature and (research) data One minute timer

Bookmark the page Research Support university library

This page contains links to all research support services offered by the library. One minute timer

Read about our copyright enforcement policy

Explains what you  can or cannot do with (data from) library databases One minute timer

Follow @tilburguniversitylibrary (Instagram)

Instagram account for general Library news One minute timer

Follow @TilburgU_LIS_RS (Twitter)

Twitter account for research support related information provided by LIS One minute timer

Read the tutorial Tackling Information Problems (TIP)

Our information literacy course on how to conduct research Time varies timer

Install EndNote on your computer

Use this reference manager to manage all the literature you find Time varies timer