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Library Essentials Kit: 10 minute set-up

Essential steps for efficient library searches

10 minute set up

Step Action Explanation Time


Tilburg University logo

Bookmark the Libsearch list of resources


Your starting point for any search.
All library resources in a single location with up-to-date
information about maintenance and availability.

One minute timer


Library Access logo

Install the Library Access browser extension*

This extension …
- directs you to the right websites for access to databases
- directs you to Open Access articles
- adds links to articles in Google Scholar (look for ‘TiUfinder’ links)

Four minute timer


LibKey Nomad logo

Install the LibKey Nomad browser extension*

This extension provides fast access to PDFs

Four minute timer

4 logo


Find the PDF for an article by DOI or PMID




One minute timer

* Browser extensions add extra options to your web browser. To intall them, simply follow the directions from our linked pages. If you are new to extensions, you may find this introduction useful.