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About the library databases

Why use other databases besides WorldCat Discovery?

When you're looking for books, WCD is definitely your best choice. For journal articles it's a different story. WorldCat Discovery includes many journal articles -- but not all available articles. This is why you should definitely search in other databases when you need articles for an assignment.

150+ library databases at your disposal

The TiU library subscribes to a wide range of databases. 

  • some cover many subject areas (e.g. Web of Science, ScienceDirect); 
  • some cover particular types of sources, such as 
    • newspapers
    • statistical and financial data
    • business information
    • working papers
    • theses [scripties]
    • legislation
    • images
    • multimedia  
  • some cover specific subject areas (e.g. PsycINFO, Sociological Abstracts, EconLit). 

How do journal articles end up in database search results?

Watch this 2.28 minute video.  

Source: North Carolina State University Libraries. Published under a Creative Commons 3.0 BY-NC-SA US license.