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Finding full text articles from databases

When the full text is not available in the database you are searching

Reminder: VPN
Keep in mind that you need a VPN connection to the TiU network if you want to access full text from home. Instructions are provided in Module D - Access to TiU full text from off campus.

Some library databases provide direct access to full text articles, while others contain just the citation information (year, author, title, journal title, volume, issue and page numbers) and the abstract. Some databases are a mixture of both types. 

The TiUfinder

The databases that do not include full text -- or only for a portion of the indexed articles -- require a few more steps to get access to the article you want.

Luckily, most of these databases include a TiUfinder button. The TiUfinder enables you to connect directly from a database record to the full-text article, if available through the TiU library. The TiUfinder will also tell you if the library holds the article in print. Notice that in a library database the TiUfinder ❶ looks a bit fancier than in Google Scholar: 

How does the TiUfinder work?

If the university library subscribes to the journal, two things can happen.

  1. The article is found and you get one or more links to the full text. Some articles initially display as HTML. To view or download the PDF, click the PDF link.

  2. The TiUfinder takes you to the journal's home page, because the publisher doesn’t provide direct links to specific articles. Look for a 'back issues' or 'archive' link, and then navigate to the article using the date, volume, issue and page number information given in the database record for the article. Once you find the article, look for PDF links to open the full text of the article.
    See also Module D: Finding journals.


Clicking on the TiUfinder button in the brief record shown above brings you to the library system.

This brings you to the database (or to the publisher of the journal) where you can access the full text: