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InfoSkills for Theology

InfoSkills @ TiU

When & where can I take the test?

Any time that is convenient for you & anywhere you want! Just make sure that you meet the deadline for your course: 

Course Test will be open from:
760433-B-6 Research in Human Resource Studies (Pre-Master) 13-9 up to and incl. 30-9
761001-B-7 Academic skills for people management 13-9 up to and incl. 17-9
760111-B-2 Academische vaardigheden PEW 2 22-10 up to and incl. 6-12
441010-B-2 Academische en beroepsvaardigheden Organisatiewetenschappen 1 13-9 up to and incl. 26-10
410128-B-7 Wicked Problems 101 13-9 up to and incl. 16-9
400007-B-2 Academische vaardigheden Sociologie 1 10-9 up to and incl. 30-9
410102-B-2 Academic Skills Sociology 1 10-9 up to and inc. 30-9
410143-B-7 Research Project pm Sociology Fall 13-9 up to and incl. 12-10
500183-B-6 Academische Vaardigheden Psychologie 13-9 up to and incl. 23-11
500182-B-6 Academic Skills Psychology 13-9 up to and incl. 23-11

Pass or fail?

The test consists of 25 multiple-choice questions. You have four attempts to take the test.

Passing score: 20 or more.

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